Teaser from new novel tentatively called, Jezebel. Paranormal Romance

A small teaser from my new book temporally titled Jezebel.

      Miss Jezebel walked up to the vanity and began pulling pins from her hair letting her dark long locks cascade like an evil river down her back.
“You have a beautiful place.”
Jezebel laughed loudly in response, she was enjoying Henry’s company more than she should. “Why thank you Henry, please make yourself comfortable,” she said pointing to the over sized oval bed she had custom made when she first arrived in town. She finished with her hair and began to unzip her dress when she smelt the tension rise in the room. “Is there a problem Henry?” She said dropping the bustle skirt to her feet.
“I think you may have the wrong idea.” He back peddled.
She walked towards him. “Do I?” She asked letting her legs bump into his.
“I said I wasn’t looking for any…”
Jezebel interrupted him with her finger to his lips. She slowly crawled onto the bed above him knocking him to his back. “You chose to come to my room, where I do not allow most. If you didn’t come here for that than it is as I feared and you have come to meet your maker.”
“You are very beautiful and I would love nothing more than to enjoy your company but I can’t do something with you when you are the only one that…”
“Knows what happened to your brother?” She whispered.
  Henry launched her off of him sitting himself back up he stared at her on the floor where she landed on all fours. She stood up and stared into Henry’s eyes once more. “I do not wish to kill you.”
“I’d rather you didn’t myself.” He said.