Alice's Sacrfice

I wanted to keep you all in the loop on how The Alice Clark Series is going.

Finding Alice is chugging along and I've continued to receive great feedback on it VIA Amazon, B&N and Goodreads. I honestly try not to look, reviews terrify me! (I still peek on occasion.)

Alice's Sacrifice comes back from the editors this week and I am beyond excited to get started going through the edits and start my final revisions. Where do we go from here? Well after the final revisions are done, you guessed it, one more final edits. Once the final edit is completed and I go through the edits it will be time to announce the release date of the sequel to Finding Alice! Keep in touch and check back to see what's going on. This book will be getting a few virtual book tours, virtual book parties to when super fantastical Alice Clark Series swag and a local book launch in Michigan that will be open to the public (ticket purchases in advanced required.)

Until the edits come in I will continue to write my soul off into book 3.

Thank you for your support talk to you soon!