Demon Vampire by Virgil A. Moore

Virgil A. Moore

Virgil Allen Moore has been writing for seventeen years. He began as a poet and eventually turned to long fiction. In his words "My pen wields visceral morality as I write. I use my poetic knowledge to woo and satiate the minds of the world." His books are written for their vivid imagery and well defined storytelling. He blends old world refinement with a modern feel in a way that gives strength to the core of his novels. With his books, you are left not just with a sense of accomplishment, but a moral choice. The reader has choice over how they feel through the story. The ordeals of the characters are transmuted to the reader, lending a direct sensation of emotion that only the best novels can evoke. When you read his words, you will be rewarded. As he says, "If you enjoy vampires, you will be enthralled by mine."

Erudite Small Press
511 Redground Dr
Ruther Glen, VA 22546

Epic Paranormal Dark Mystery

Release Date
October 30th, 2011

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Demon Vampire asks the question, if given the choice to have power, grace, and immortality at the cost of your soul, what would you do? What if the choice was easier than you think? Small incremental segments of you childhood for a boost in strength? The ability to protect your loved ones for the corners of your mind that you don't often use? Regeneration for the traits that make you who you are? If faced with a grave decision of morality, what would you choose?

Excerpts from the book:


Excerpt one


  His eyes closed. The red apparition somehow soothed and calmed him. It was speaking directly now. It was murder. He could hear it above the raging storm coursing through him. It forced upon him glimpses of her dead body, a sight of torment.  “The vast ocean of power I can grant you. The encompassing absolution of being I offer, to walk without equal as an abomination among monsters. To be feared as no other.” The voice sighed inside him. It's breath warm on the back of his thoughts. “Am I truly so disgusting? Is this not what you asked for? Do I not tempt you? Offer you what you need? Do I not wet your tongue with my invitation?”
 Fear swept him, his choices were not sovereign. His gut knotted in indecision. The hot blanket of seduction that had cloaked him was convincing. It was generously welcoming. He hesitated, not knowing the demon's destination or his own. He could feel his soul slipping, a grip once tight, now failing him.
 “Let it happen, give yourself to me. All you ever have to do, is acknowledge me. Your soul will satisfy my desires, my requirements.” The voice was commanding. It spoke as a god dwelling in the recesses of his senses. It continued. “Rip, tear, rend, and swallow the blood like milk.” The demon inside beckoned with a sadistic suggestion.
 He was unsure, the deal was tempting, even acceptable in a sick flight of fancy. The power was enthralling. His confliction was disturbing, he was not a murderer. He knew as much, as he doubted his own integrity. It was tempting, wet in his mouth, keen on his fingertips. Absolute strength on a level unrivaled. The knowledge that no other being would ever be able to contest him. It was a spectacular promise. It was seductive.
 The voice posed its question a final time. Its confidence was unrelenting. “Is my simple price so steep, so dire, costly, that you would die a fool's death to deny me the path fate has allowed me to etch in the stars?”

Excerpt two


 “DON'T YOU FUCKING TOUCH HER!!!” Rebekkah screamed at Fear. She was crouched over Love's eviscerated body. She had been flayed open. Her chest cut down to her left hip. Her clothing was ripped open, she was dead. Her long blond hair was stained in her own red blood. Besides holding Love's soaked hand, Rebekkah was unscathed. She was fine, unhurt, unharmed.
 “I don't need to argue with you.” Fear stood proud. He increased his fear aura, forcing Rebekkah to stop talking. “I will do whatever I want with her. It was her bargain, not mine.” Fear approached Love's rendered body. “Look, she's already coming back.”
 Love's hand began to twitch, she gasped for a breath. Her open wound started to close, sealing itself as her life returned.
 “She is strong. That makes 7,289 kills. She is amazing, Rebekkah. You should be thankful I made her.” Fear surveyed Love's beaten, bloodied chest. “It's been many years since I've sired anyone. I'm surprised that I can make someone this strong.” Fear smiled as she opened her eyes.
 Love said nothing. She had become laconic. Her situation had become ambivalent. She got up, Rebekkah helped her. Love's dress was completely destroyed. “He didn't hurt you, did he?” Love asked Rebekkah as she limped to one side.
 Rebekkah held Love tight, embracing her. “No. I'm fine.”
 Love's eyes welled up with silent tears. “Good.”
 Fear walked to the window. He peered down. The town was bustling with people. It was dark out. This was his time to work. Fear smiled again. “I expect ten tonight.”


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 Originally I was supposed to do a review and my life went all bat shit crazy on me and I ran out of time. I have begun to read this book and I am already hooked. When I do complete it a review will follow here and I will add it to the books goodreads page. 

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