Mark Of The Witch debuts June 1st 2012

Hello there! I am super excited to share some info on Jessica Gibson's novel Mark of the Witch. It is book one in the Boston Witch's Series that will be available for ebook and paperback on June 1st 2012 aka tomorrow. First of let me tell you I know Jessica first hand and she is the sweetest soul I have yet met. Her work is amazing and I can say that honestly as I was a beta tester for this book (that's how we met folks!)

So let me introduce you to my dear friend, author Jessica Gibson!

So sassy right? (can't wait till she reads this haha!) Honestly though she is feisty but in all the right ways.

And here is the gorgeous cover!

Doesn't the beautiful Jilly look stunning and powerful! I can't wait till my copy comes in! (*coughs*)

Jessica offered us a sneak peak excerpt and I of course snatched it up like a rabid dog for you guys! So here it is!
Oh, and Jilly, you really shouldn’t be in the habit of meeting strange people at night. I could have been a strangler for all you knew,” he said with a hint of reproach in his voice.

    “Oh, I wouldn’t worry too much about me, William; it’s the strangler who should be worried,” Jilly said with a viscous gleam in her eyes while she vigorously rubbed her palms together until they glowed brightly in the moonlight. “Care to shake my hand, Mr. Strangler?” she asked with a laugh as she stuck her hand out to him.

    “Ok, I’m game, let’s see what you’ve got up your sleeve,” he said as he grabbed her hand. Almost instantly he was on the ground, writhing in pain. “Well, I will say that tonight I’m glad that I cannot die; that sure packs a punch. I think I could feel my heart stop for a second,” he said, a little winded, as he propped himself up into a sitting position and rubbed his hand.

    “Yeah, I figured I’d give you a real show tonight,” she said as she walked away.

He watched her go, still sitting on the ground, and said, “Until tomorrow then,” almost under his breath.

You may not know this yet but William is dreamy and Jilly is fierce, two characters that will draw you in and carry you on a journey you won't regret indulging on. Available at Amazon in paperback and for kindle. Get your copy June 1st! 

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