What or who is your muse?

I find my muse in many forms but one main one in particular is a close friend of mine. I had recently been plagued with the worst sort of writers block and here is my muse asking me how book two is coming along and asked, "what do you mean your stuck?" I *cringed*

I saw this image the other day and it literarily had me laughing so hard I thought I might piss myself. (Maybe it's an author thing....)

Luckily before my muse took it this far, (though I may have gotten farther than I did) I did manage to write another 6K(word count) and Alice's Sacrifice has some major hardships coming up. Anyone who knows me knows, I don't need no stink in' muse to write about hardship. :) So I continue to write folks and don't worry my muse has got your back to help me finish Alice's Sacrifice for you to read. 


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