Renewed motivation gifted from a fan

You know that moment that just changes everything? Here you are trucking through life at a steady pace and suddenly you decide to do something worthwhile. Afterwards you look around and think to yourself, what rubbish. Why did i do this? You throw your hands up and pout. Eventually you talk yourself out of ending a possible career or moment before it has even happened.

You finally share this dream with the world, baring your soul to all to see. You are tense, you panic! Everyone is going to hate me! Hate it! What in the world, is that a good review? Instantly you feel validated. Feeling fresh and fantastic you push yourself harder and harder until that bad moment comes in. Your life turns upside down; people you thought you could trust, you find out that you couldn't and you pray that this horrible day you don't find a bad review. You're ready to pack it all up and quit, surprise surprise!

So what do you do?

Well I don't know what you do but I choose to let the dust settle. I will not be driven to make decisions irrationally because of my emotions. I much rather prefer to use it to fuel my work and I do. It's a scary world out there and we are all in it together. One of the reasons I decided to continue Alice's story into a series is the small moments where Alice's story touches someone and really reaches them down in the depths of their souls. It seems whenever self doubt fills me or I am having a bad day there is always someone there to show me the good.

So today, this post is dedicated to Oky Septya. Your kindness and thoughtfulness literally brought tears to my eyes. I was smiling and crying like a dork from my mailbox to my door. Thank you so very much. I'm thrilled you enjoyed Finding Alice. And to your note, if at all it becomes possible I would be glad to travel to Indonesia someday hopefully for a book signing!

For the rest of you, here is the beautiful postcard Oky sent me. (I hope you don't mind me sharing!)


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