Why is it not Friday?

This has been a crazy week for me and yes I know it's not even over yet.  I had it in my head that today was Friday for most of the day. Yeah... I know, right?

All I've wanted to do for days was work on book 2. Sadly I have not been able to but I do see light at the end of the tunnel. I approved the final proof, *crosses fingers* one step closer to publishing! All formats are done; the paperback, kindle, nook and smashwords. I've been trying to stay updated on all the social networks also and the interest from book reviewing bloggers, readers and authors alike is absolutely amazing to me. This community of readers and writers is like nothing I have ever seen before. I checked the status on the giveaway for a signed copy of Finding Alice on Goodreads.com is climbing huge in numbers. The book trailer on youtube is getting crazy amounts of views too! You guys rock!! I am so excited for you all to read Alice's story. The second one, *shivers* oh just wait.

It's so crazy to me that just a week or so ago I was saying, "February 19th is not that far away, relax people!" Now I'm the one, "It's only the 5th....of January! Come on!"

Some more super exciting news, it looks like February 16th I'll be doing a live interview that you can all watch via the wonderful web :) As soon as I have more information I will post it for you all! I am off to watch The Vampire Diaries and then I will finish reading The Reckoning by Michelle Leighton. http://mleightonbooks.blogspot.com/